Wednesday, February 22, 2017

10 highest earning footballers in 2016

A look at the ridiculous amount of money earned by footballers in 2016

The huge amount of money footballers make these days, is not unknown. However, on closer inspection, the amount top players in the world earn every year will blow anyone's mind.
The ridiculous wages the clubs pay their players is just a part of the player's earnings! Some players earn more in sponsorships than what their teammates earn in wages.
Chinese Super League club have started paying their players a huge amount as wages but no player has managed to make the list. Here's a look at the highest-paid footballers in the world after including their sponsorship deals:

#10 Cesc Fabregas - $21 million

LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 28:  Cesc Fabregas of Chelsea celebrates after Willian (not pictured) scores his sides first goal during the Emirates FA Cup Fourth Round match between Chelsea and Brentford at Stamford Bridge on January 28, 2017 in London, England.  (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

Fabregas has not been a regular for Chelsea this season, but his earnings are still the same. The Spaniard makes a whopping $21 million every year.
The former Arsenal and Barcelona midfielder is the highest paid player at Chelsea with a weekly wage of £220,00. Including the bonuses, he earns a total of $16 million from the London side.
Apart from the wages and the bonuses at Chelsea, Fabregas has a few sponsorship deals that get him another $5 million every year. PUMA is his main sponsor, and that deal earns him $4 million every year! The 29-year old midfielder also endorses Beats by Dre.
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